How many hours do we spend scrolling and re-scrolling through our Facebooks, our Twitters, our Instagrams? No status is particularly eye-catching yet we can’t seem to stray away from the screen. You know you do it way too often. I know I do it way too often.

Nemo’s snow is coming down hard. It’s 10AM on Saturday morning. I realize that I’ve been sitting in the exact same position since 4PM yesterday. Discounting my sleep, I’ve spent roughly 9 hours with my legs crossed, laptop open, and TV playing in the background. 9 HOURS! Have I done anything useful with that time? Maybe an hour or two were productive but aside from that, what have I accomplished?

Now, I have two options. (1) I could use Nemo as an excuse and continue to be a couch potato all day. (2) I could use this time to my advantage and get up and do something. Clean the kitchen, organize my closet, make Valentine’s Day cards, start studying for my upcoming exam. Anything is better than wasting the day away scrolling through that girl-from-high-school-that-I-sort-of know’s Facebook.

Get up and do something. Even if your trapped in your apartment, there are better things for you do be doing than staring at your computer screen. There are great things you could be doing. Read a book, get an early start to spring cleaning, catch up with an old friend. Be creative. Be productive. Get up and do something.

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