No gym? No problem. Here’s your Thanksgiving break workout. 

Working out at home is not only incredibly convenient, but it also has the added benefits of post-workout food proximity, shower availability, and your own blasting music choices.

Here’s a workout idea I’ve put together for myself for this Thanksgiving break. Everyone works out differently—so add or take away exercises wherever you want! This one takes me about an hour.

So here we go…


DRILLS DRILLS DRILLS. I say I love these and people think I’m crazy. But they’re fun, I promise. AND efficient.

1. Jumping jacks in a plank. Not your usual plank; it’s killer cardio. Start in your plank position and jack your legs out and in. Keep your back straight and butt down.

2. Mummy kicks. Stretch your arms out in front of you and scissor them back and forth while hopping your foot out in front of you one foot at a time.

3. Switch-lunges. Sink into a lunge, switch-jump back up at the top, then jump down into a lunge on the other leg. Keep switching back and forth.

4. Tuck jumps. They’re like jumping jacks, but doubled up, so 2 jumps with your arms over your head, then 2 jumps with arms at your sides. When bringing your arms down to your sides, jump and tuck your legs up towards your torso using your core.

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds before moving onto the next one. Repeat 2-4x.

Push Ups, 3 Ways

1. Your average push-up. An oldie, but a goodie. Remember you can bring it down to your knees if you need.

2. Tricep push-ups. Bring your hands a little further back so they're beneath your torso and hold your elbows close to your sides. Sink down bringing your elbows directly back and keeping your arms close to your sides. 

3. Shoulder push-ups. That’s right: push-ups that work your shoulders. From your push-up position, pike your butt up into the air so you’re in a downward dog-esque position. Then, bend at your elbow to bring the top of your head closer to the floor and push back up.

Doing 8 reps of each type of push-up for 2-3 sets to get a full upper body workout.

Lunges Sequence

1. Side lunge. Bring one leg out straight to the side while bending at the knee with the other stabilizing leg. 

2. Normal backwards lunge. Step your leg back behind you, lunge down.

3. Curtsy lunge. Step your leg out behind you, but cross it over so it’s behind your opposite hip. It should look like you’re doing a curtsy.

Start with 8 of each, then 4 of each, then 2 of each. Then, bring it back up to 4 and then 8 again. Switch legs and repeat!

Core Circuit

1. Bicycle crunches. On your back, knee-to-opposite-elbow.

2. Scissor kicks. On your back, stick your legs out above the ground and kick them back and forth. You should feel this in your lower abs.

3. V-ups. Make a “V” shape with your body, butt on the ground. Keep your arms parallel to the ground out in front of you and make the “V” wider, then smaller. (like this little guy!) 

4. Plank with hip dips. Finish it off with a 30 second plank. For an extra challenge, dip your hips from side to side.

Start with doing the first for 30 seconds. Then, start from the first and add another for another 30 seconds. Starting from the beginning each time, add an exercise until you’ve done all 4.

And you’re done! All 4 muscle groups, one short hour. Congrats, you’re killing it this Thanksgiving. 

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Holly is a senior at Northeastern University from Boca Raton, FL, where she is a double major in English and Mathematics. She loves books, math, and all things nerdy, as well as fitness. Holly is a group fitness instructor at her school's gym and at BURN Fitness Studios. Her favorite classes right now focus on HIIT training and cardio boxing.

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