One of the leading reasons people skip out on the gym is because they have “no time to workout.” Sure – you have time to spend hours watching Netflix or scrolling through Facebook but having time to workout? Noooo, you’re too busy! No time to workout! Lucky for you, you don’t need to spend hours at the gym to get in a good workout. In fact, sometimes a short and intense workout is even better than a long, drawn out one.  So, you’ve got no time to workout? Here are 5 easy ways to squeeze in quick, efficient exercises.  

1. Work on your time management!

This should be an obvious one – anyone can make time to work out, because treating your body right should be a priority! The key to time management is to work smarter, not harder:

  • Make a to-do list and complete tasks in order of importance so you’ll be less stressed in the long run. Make sure you check off each task as you accomplish them…there’s no better feeling than seeing your entire to-do list checked off!
  • Try organizing with weekly planners! Just like you would schedule in an appointment with your advisor, schedule in an appointment with yourself. At the gym. Don’t cancel. 
  • Learn to say no. You should always prioritize your time – which includes your health, fitness, and sleep. It’s okay to turn down a party or hanging out with friends once in a while.5 ways to squeeze in quick, efficient workouts

You’ll be surprised at how much more free time you’ll have if you follow these tips! Free time to work out, that is.

2. Set an early alarm & make pumped up playlist while getting ready

Falling asleep in your 8AM lecture? Slow to get ready in the morning? When I wake up, I immediately start my Spotify playlist full of my favorite jams to help me get over the fact I have an 8AM calculus lecture. It also helps me know if I’m late or not since the playlist is ~20 minutes!5 ways to squeeze in quick, efficient workoutsOther tips include:

  • Once you wake up, drop down and do as many pushups (in good form) as you can. Or do 25 jumping jacks. Maybe 30 crunches. Or just strrrrretch! Exercising immediately in the morning is optimal because it improves your mood, gets your body going, and improves circulation, which will help you keep focus throughout the day.

 3. Turn your commute into a workout

Try to take advantage of walking to class or work before it gets freezing cold outdoors! It’s not difficult to set your alarm 10 minutes earlier to give yourself extra time to walk. You’ll also save some $$$ since you won’t be taking public transportation – and that’s always a plus. Not so much into walking? Invest in a bike or long board! 5 ways to get in quick, efficient exercises

4. Prepare your gym bag the night before

It’ll make you less likely to skip the gym if your bag is already packed and ready to go.Preparation is the key to success. This applies to anything, really – prepare your lunch and snacks the day before to ensure healthy eating, prepare your backpack to ensure you have all your work for class (there’s nothing worse than getting to class and realizing your forgot your paper that was due). 


5. Netflixing at home? Do some yoga!

Research indicates that watching TV for long periods of time lead to brain activity waves that are lower than when you’re sleeping. Additionally, lounging around slows circulation and metabolism for your body. A good way to counter this is to do a little yogawhile ogling Ruby Rose in Orange is the New Black or rooting for your favorite chef on Cutthroat Kitchen. Not so much into yoga? Try an at home workout instead. mental health and fitness


About The Author

Lillian Huang is currently studying a BS in Human Physiology at Boston University Sargent College. She plans to apply to the combined BS/MS program and graduate in 2019. A newbie to fitness, Lillian enjoys running and dancing as her primary methods of exercising, but is always open to new ways to work out! Her obsessions include the new CityTarget located in Fenway and pressed juices.

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