There have been so many times where I’m running from class to work to errands and really not in the mood to spend an hour or so at the gym. However, I really want to get a quick sweat in or release some stress. I always feel so much better after I workout, so I know I have to do something. For these moments, this is my go-to circuit workout:

20 Minute AMRAP Circuit (as many rounds as possible):

  • 500 meter row-all out
  • 10 burpees (single-legged if you’re feeling good)
  • 15 squats OR 30 bicycles to hit abs 

That’s IT! Repeat these three exercises for as many times as possible, making sure to keep moving yo’ body. #noexcuses

The erg (AKA the rower) works your entire body which is why I love incorporating it into circuit workouts. Burpees are a given, love to hate ’em. And the last exercise I change up depending on what I’m in the mood for. Other substitutions are jump squats, jump lunges, pull ups, crunches, you get the idea. Now get to the gym and KILL IT!

Check out these workouts, too:

About The Author

Jenna Bernard is a current Cornell student studying nutrition and exercise science. She loves all things fitness including running, lifting, swimming, crossfit, high intensity interval training, and jumping on the bed. When she's not cooking or lifting, Jenna enjoys making things for friends and family and taking advantage of the outdoors, hiking in particular. She's looking forward to spreading the joys of fitness!

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