Sundays are hard. This is the last chance you’ll have to curl up all day, enjoy a relaxing yoga class, and calm yourself before Monday arrives. Obviously we’d all love to use the last day of our weekend to wrap up anything you’ve been leaving undone and prepare for the week, but oftentimes that just doesn’t happen. Here are a few tips I’ve used that surprisingly keep me energized and focused all Sunday-long.

1. Make your bed

Not only will it look a lot less inviting, but you’ll feel like you’ve already accomplished something before leaving your bedroom.

2. Get out of your pajamas

Sometimes all you need to feel like being productive is to get into clothes that are less likely to lull you back to sleep. I’m not saying to pull on a stiff pair of jeans (comfort is key) but just something a little less ‘these sweatpants will never see anything but the walls of my apartment.

3. Eat breakfast

Arguably the most important meal of the day, this one especially shouldn’t be skipped when you want to have a steady work flow. I find myself making trips back into the kitchen on Sundays solely out of boredom and procrastination. To prevent this, I try to eat a full breakfast and keep small healthy snacks on my desk like blueberries, almonds, or chocolate and peanut butter apples (yum).

4. Write a to-do list

Item #4: make a list. You’ve already made your bed, eaten a good breakfast, and changed, look at you go! Now time to buckle down and look at your planner for anything that needs to be done before tomorrow. Prioritize, but also writing things like ‘read new book for 30 minutes’ is okay too.

5. Create the atmosphere that will enhance your focus

I’ve found that listening to music without lyrics, such as jazz, keeps me engaged. Also sometimes just opening up the window and allowing some fresh air to come in helps. Although this is important, try not to dedicate too much time to this step. You’ll end up rearranging your furniture and organizing your closet before you start working on that paper.

6. Stimulate your creativity

When I get stuck with writing or bored with reading, I love taking a break to draw. Sometimes the easiest way to get back on track is to focus on something else for a little while. Beware of TV, though; try to keep your brain active!

7. Drink lots of water

I like having a large bottle of water on my desk, but my boyfriend likes to use a normal sized glass to make sure he’s getting up once in awhile to refill. Either way, staying hydrated will help to keep you away from a groggy brain-dead headache.

8. Designate time for breaks and stretching

Similar to the amount of time you would allot to a creative pause, it’s equally important to take a moment and move around. Walk outside, go through a yoga sequence, do 10 jumping jacks. Whatever will get you off that chair and moving, I promise you’ll feel better afterwards.

Now that you’ve got your list, get ready for a successful Sunday, leaving you refreshed and rested for Monday!