What is Fit University®?

We asked college students all over the country.

Here's what they said.

Why we do it...

The media has taught us that health and fitness look a certain way – toned bodies, six pack abs…you get the idea. These messages aren’t helping anyone, and have even caused many to take extreme measures in an attempt to attain this “ideal” image of fitness. These extreme measures don’t work and often leave the person worse off than when they started (physically and mentally). Similarly, the media has created stigmas around many mental health disorders, leaving those who struggle feeling alone and without hope for recovery.

At Fit University, we want to break down these stigmas and open dialogues about all things physical and mental health. Lifelong habits are created in college; Fit University helps college students form realistic, achievable, and sustainable health habits they can continue to practice well beyond graduation. Fit University is a credible, reliable source for college students to find information, motivation, and support.

The best part? Fit University is a community of college students across the world who believe in our mission and are spreading it to their friends, classmates, roommates, and workout buddies.

How we do it.

By debunking fad diets and health myths...

with scientifically-backed info. Your freshman year bio class may actually start to come in handy here....

By building a community of like-minded students...

across the world. Have you met the #fitufam? You should, they’re great.

By sharing content that pushes the boundaries...

and shares stories that you, as a college student, can relate to. We keep it real.
Join the community.

You'll get recipes, workouts and healthy living tips once you're in. Plus, we do events and giveaways sometimes.

Btw, did we mention it's free?