Even if you’re living in a dorm, it’s important to keep some healthy foods on hand for snacks and meals throughout the day. Eating in the dining hall for every single meal can get boring so having food in your dorm helps you throw together easy, healthy meals. Print out this healthy grocery list and aim to always have a few of these ingredients on hand.

healthy grocery list
Happy shopping – snap pictures of your grocery cart and use #fituniversity to showcase what healthy foods you’re buying!

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  1. Use This One Simple Trick to Eat Healthier... - Fit University

    […] Meal prep in advance. If you prepare your meals in a big batch, put them in single-serving Tupperware. Every meal, eat the food from one of the pre-portioned containers. You will be less likely to go and grab a little bit of extra (which let’s be honest, turns into a lot of extra when you eat family-style) after you’re already full. Plus, your meal can easily become an on-the-go alternative, if necessary. Additionally, try putting snacks in single-serving containers. Snacks are one of easiest foods to accidentally over-consume; dividing them into separate pre-packaged units will lessen your chance of going back and grabbing more. […]

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